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The Porterhouse

The Porterhouse

The Porterhouse
Parliament Street
Dublin 2

Ph: 01-6798847

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Casual Pub with Music, Live Trad, Late Bar and it's own Brewery.
The Porterhouse is centrally located on Parliament Street and is surrounded by Temple Bar. The atmosphere is cracking with an acoustic band playing some classic acoustic songs and during the bands interlude, classic rock songs were played. Live Trad Music is performed on Saturday afternoons and Sunday evening. The Porterhouse has late night serving over the weekend until 1.30a.m. and regular pub hours during the week. The drink is a little expensive but the number of drinks available makes up for this. The bar area can get quite packed and as a result service can be slow at times. The Porterhouse has a wide variety of beers from around the world as well as it's own variety of inhouse brewed beers and stouts although all are not available from some of the bars. Due to it's uniqueness it can be crowded.
This pub is wheelchair accessible.

Public Reviews:
- I had the best irish stew there and I even taught the bartender a new drink....Lemon Lime and Bitters....the Ladies toilets are great too...they had a hair straightner in it!!! We so don't get that at home! Highly recommended to re-fuel after a tour of Trinity College :)
Submitted by Leslie, Australia

- The best pub in Dublin, Four floors of trad floor and varied music,packed at weekends, great beers if fed up of the guinness. They brew their own. Try the red beer. Bit cramped to get food in as no real area set aside just for this,when people finish their food they stay put , so get in early.
Submitted by Ian, Wigan, England

- What a top pub,we called in on a Saturday night about 7.30,it was quite busy then.A huge range of beers, lagers & cocktails.We had a meal, fantastic food choice and the steak was superb, struggled to find seats, had to eat at the bar on bar stools,had such a good time ended up staying around 2.5 hours!Would definately call in again next time.
Submitted by Chris, Accrington, Lancashire, England

- Wow! Would only stay with my friends fo a pint or two. Ended up in a great party until I got used to their famous "Brain Blasta". Have one next time you go there and yoŽll find out what I mean!
Submitted by Stewart, Frankfurt Hahn

- i was very upset to find out that the porter house hikes up the prices of the beer by 50 cent at 11 o clock. it isnt a nightclub its a bar? is this legal?
Submitted by Emear, Dublin

- The Porterhouse is a unique drinkers experience, which also doubles as a brewery. Can these people then organize the proverbial piss-up in a brewery? Yes then can and very well too. Alongside an extensive selection of ales, lagers and stouts brewed on the premises, the bar is stocked with a large collection of imported and exotic beers, both in bottle and on tap. Due to its location in Temple Bar there is often a large tourist element to the pub and it can often be difficult to find a seat. However the lively bustling feel-good atmosphere makes it all worthwhile. In addition to the wide choice of liquid refreshment, there is also an array of very tasty pub-grub available. The only downside is that some of the more exotic brews can have a quite a high price tag, so make sure to check the price first. With regular live music adding to the enjoyable buzz as well as the extremely long list of drinks to work your way through, this is one pub, which you will find yourself returning to repeatedly.
Submitted by Eoin, Ireland

- The PorterHouse is a great pub, a good selection of beers all with all % of alcohol up to around 17% i think. The music is lively if you like trad. Almost always busy so get in early if you want a seat and see how long you can last.
Submitted by Dave, Glasnevin

- A living nightmare! The choice of their own beers is distracting enough but when you see the fridges... for beer connosieurs they'll blow your mind. I've been in here with the intention of having two drinks at the most and eventually rolled out of the door four and a half hours later. I've put it third on a pub crawl list for my next Dub visit and I'm not sure if we'll get any further. The craic is okay and the service great but it's the beers that shine. Go there.
Submitted by Angela Taylor, Manchester

- Picks up plenty of business at the weekend. Not sure whether it gets regulars or not. Mostly tourists and people curious about the beer. The crowd varies a great deal. Worth a look for visitors and tourists curious about trying different beers. Not a place I would go to regularly. Gone a bit noisy recently and they've strangely gone for providing live music or loud background music. Beer, people, it's about the bloody beer!!
Review courtesy of dublinpubs.net

- I'm a beer geek. I drink it, I make it at home, and I love it. So I naturally freaked at the Porterhouse. Outstanding beers and I enjoyed the packed-house crowd. Also the loud acoustic electric guitar playing. Try an outstanding Belgian beer here - Rochefort 8 or 10, for example. Cheers.
Submitted by Jay O, San Diego, California

- A new port of call for me going back home. On the same lines as that other microbrewery on Burgh Quay. Lots of specialist beers but pricey. So pricey that it would be cheaper for me to go on a day trip to Belgium and get "upsidedown" there. Food OK. However on the same night I got drawn back to Burgh Quay. Better food better drink and better crowd.
Submitted by Wayne Sheppard, London

- The porterhouse had a huge selection of beers, great music, good craic. The only thing I didn't like was that the singer only played hit ballad songs from the U.S. Common- we're in Ireland!
Submitted by Kate Gustafson, Minnesota

- Some people call this the number one pub in Dublin, but I do not but still it`s worth a call just to see the wide range of beers on sale. BEWARE drinker they have some of the strongest draught beers on sale behind the bar. Not quite as strong as Baz`s Bonce Blower (9%, you get this in a little village just out side Melton Mowbary in Leicestershire) but still strong enough to make the walk back to the accommodation a wobbly one. Turn left when you leave this pub and left again and a short walk takes you towards the Temple bar area.
Submitted by Dave Marshall, Leicester, England