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The Hole In The Wall

The Hole In The Wall

The Hole In The Wall
Blackhorse Avenue
Dublin 7

Ph: 01-8389491


Public Reviews:
- Went for music- nolonger there- Hot fine dining restaurant & excellaint staff with really cute Blonde Bar Girl at week end.Bouncer's are JOHN as in GONE.Cool Barman Eric was good laugh and welcoming!Food really good - Highly Recommend trad session on Saturday nite that we were there.We will go back
Submitted by Shane, Castleknock

- Splendid atmosphere, open fires make is warm and friendly. Newly opened restaurant is recommandable. Food is good, nice interiour waiters a bit to hasty which results into mistakes
Submitted by Rob, The Netherlands

- A great pub, especially on a sunny afternoon. The bouncers and DJs are gone so there is a much nicer crowd there now and there is never any trouble. Bar staff are good but drink is expensive. Decor is fantastic - genuine antiques and stonework
Submitted by Alan, Dublin

- Hi my name is Doc Hollytimber aka Matt. I am the operation protocol head doorguy on the door and this pubaiste is great. It is really long and is great and the drink and chicks are great too…I like chicks! Anyway, I look real tough and if you don’t produce ID then ur name is JOHN…That’s right ur GONE!
Submitted by Doc Hollytimber, Lucan

- The "Holer" is a deadly buzz, me an' my mates go there an' drink bud an' its mad. The odd time theres a bit of row but the bouncer is huge an' will batter you if you start on someone. The DJ is muck usually but sometimes deadly when he plays some wreck-it music an' then were on a savage buzz. It's an animal spot for a gargle.
Submitted by Francis, Finglas

- Carvery - wow! One of the best I've ever had. You have to arrive early though as it gets very busy. At night it's a friendly pub where the drinks are reasonably priced and there is always lively entertainment. Overall - good craic!
Submitted by Steve, Southport, UK