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The Cobblestone

The Cobblestone

The Cobblestone
77 North King Street
Dublin 7

Ph: 8721799

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Casual with Live Music

Public Reviews
1. The Cobblestone is a great north side pub with one of the finest traditional sessions in Dublin every Thursday night. Musicians from Sligo and Lietrim and the occasional Rooney meet in the back room to crank out world class trad music. Fine conversation and song not to mention a very good pint...don't miss it!
Submitted by Tim Kerns, Tallahasse, Florida

2. The Cobblestone has a mix of old world and modern dublin all under one roof, be that a rather battered old roof. With live music almost every night ranging from traditional to modern rock. The main bar always has a reserved section for any musician who wants to play and the beers are reasonable compared to some of the newer bars in the area. They also stock the full range of Dublin Brewing Co products including a few other foreign treats. Great night!
Submitted by Annonymous