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Sean Kavanaghs

Sean Kavanaghs

Sean Kavanaghs
aka The Gravediggers
Dublin 9


Public Reviews:
- This was the best pub ever!!! I really enjoyed the old style and look of the place. The locals there were a good craic!!! Not to mention the Glasnevin Cemetary thats right next store... you have to visit this place!! I would love to go back there again! Long Live the Free state!!
Submitted by Liza, Los Angeles

- No TV, no music and no phones means that conversation is the the main entertainment in the 'Diggers'. The lounge boasts the top lunch menu (and best kept secret) on the Northside and the rustic old bar serves simply the best pint of Guinness in the city. Am I glad I live within crawling distance!
Submitted by Norm, Glasnevin

- I have seen my fair share of pubs n' bars around the globe, from the far east to the western one's in the US, and even though they all have something of their own, they are nothing compared to gravediggers. They serve by far the best Guinness known to mankind "even in Dublin", and they do make a lone traveller feel at home. "Slainte" from Sweden.
Submitted by Conny, Sweden

- Four others and myself embarked on a perfect pint search in Ireland and by word of mouth was told this place was a must!The time we spent with the locals@this old pub was about the same time flying here from the states! Best pint of Guinness poured!I wonder has a black guy darkened that door and had as much fun as I since? Ask for a shot of the Jamesons'Crested Ten Whiskey..not available in U.S.!!!
Submitted by Henry, Seattle

- After being here now for almost 5 months, I still long for that feeling it gave me drinking one of my first pints in Ireland in this pub. Witout any doubts the finest pub of Dublin, no matter what other pubs they are positive about here on this site...Locked away in Glasnevin,feels like coming home.
Submitted by Jolke, Dublin (originally The Netherlands)

- ...the very last night I was in Ireland, I was looking for an "Old Irish Pub" one with character....stumbled in, had a few pints, even had older (drunk) Irish men sing to me! It was GREAT! Best time I've ever had! Thanks for the T-shirt!
Submitted by Shelley, Kansas

- A true gem. Best kept secret in Dublin and long may it stay that way. Had a great time in there and played a bit of hurling with the boys out on the green.Hope it never changes.See you all soon.
Submitted by Emlyn, Aberystwyth, Wales

- A great locals pub where within minutes you feel as if you've never left home. Worth the extra walk looking. A++
Submitted by Kevin, Seal Beach, California

- The Gravediggers serves one of the Best Pints of Guinness in the City. Anytime I get back to the old country, this is the first place I head for pint.
Submitted by Conor, Chicago (formerly Glasnevin)

- Very much a local. Interior decordated in wooden slats. Bare but functional. One of the cheapest pints you will find in Dublin. As an exile of 47 years who still manages 2 or 3 trips to Dublin every year, I think so much of The Gravediggers' that I always try to arrange accommodation in the area. Not an easy pub to find, but when you do, it is well worth the effort.A real Dublin treat.
Submitted by John MacHenry, Somerset

- Its a bit daunting at first as the average punter-age is about 60. But on the weekend its very attractive. The beer is cheap. The best thing is, on a hot sunny day you can drink outside on the quiet square and bake in the sun!
Submitted by Michael, Donegal

- Well known pub in dublin. Sort of place you go to after work with your mates. Pints are priced averaged and taste good. Can be hard to find at times. All in all i would rate this pub as worth a try.
Submitted by Andrew, Dublin

- Excellent local. Cheap pint and excellent service. Best in Dublin....if you can find it.
Submitted by Paul, Dublin

- I remember my father bringing me here, I was about 17, we both had an onion sandwich and he ordered two pints of Guinness, I cant remember leaving, but i know that i always return to this special pub. Great place, ask Brad Pitt
Submitted by Phil, Dublin

- Best time I had in Dublin!Great pints, very friendly people,and they wanted us to sign the guest book! I can't wait to go back.
Submitted by Joel, USA

- I've been drinking in the Gravediggers since I was 18 now (43) and in my opinion it's the best pub in the world. There is no TV or Telephone and no singing allowed (unless you can!) You have to chat! You wont be alone for long, someone will say hello so if you want to stay on your own....stay away!
Submitted by Bill, Glasnevin

- The Gravediggers' still pulls the finest pint in all the world. Lovely old pub as well, particularly in the late afternoon with the light coming in. I only get back every third year or so to enjoy it, but it remains the standard against which all others are measured.
Submitted by Ian, Los Angeles

- From 18 to 27 the Diggers was "it and a bit". 3 to 4 nights a week you would find us there (when we were students). 8 pints minimum on Saturday night then a cycle to Leeson St. Stag nights, the works, all held there. And the pint is the Holy Grail. Overseas now but every trip back has a few diggers nights.
Submitted by Feargal, Dublin

Public Reviews:
- This is the best pub in Dublin. The Guinness is cheap, and has been consistently good through the years I've been drinking there. On the downside, the staff tends to treat everyone like drunken bums! Even if you don't happen to be one... Overall, great atmosphere, and you can drink outside when it's sunny in a picturesque square that's away from traffic and noise.
Submitted by John, Glasnevin