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Pub Laws
This is a rough guide to the Pub Laws in Dublin including: Opening Hours, Door Policy and Prices. dublinpubscene.com is only offering
our interpretation of the laws and accept no responsibility for anything.

Liquor Licensing Act 2003
To view dublinpubscene's interpretation of this act, please click here

Opening Hours
The first section we have concentrated on are the Opening Hours.
Click here to check out the licensing hours in Dublin. You may be surprised, given that we're reputed to be a nation of party animals.

Love 'em or hate 'em, they're here, there and everywhere. Click here
to check out Fred's theory on bouncers in Dublin, as well as your comments.

Feel you're being ripped off on the price of your pint (you probably are!) Click here to view the dearest and chepest pints in Dublin as well as a rough guide to the pricing in Dublin Pubs.

As of 29th March 2004, Smoking has been banned in all enclosed workplaces in Ireland and this includes the Pubs and Bars of Dublin. Some pubs have taken measures to do up their beer gardens with heaters and coverings and smoking is allowed in these areas.

Pub Laws