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Harry Street
Dublin 2

Ph: 01-6794395

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Casual Pub.
McDaids is another of Dublins classic little boozers. Situated on Harry Street just off Grafton Street, this is an ideal pub to appreciate a pint in. This place gets full to the brim at the weekends and the atmosphere is electric. There is no music playing just conversation and laughter ring out around the pub. The pints are superb and the service is great considering the crowds. If you prefer a bit of peace and quiet, head upstairs (be careful it's quite steep) where you will find a quiet little bar area. This is a no frills pub and it offers exactly what it says on the tin - have a pint and enjoy yourself!
This pub is wheelchair accessible.

Public Reviews
- McDaids reminds me of old dublin. They pull a good pint
Submitted by Richard, Virginia

- An amazing gem, best I saw on my trip to Dublin, hopin to go back soon!
Submitted by Chris, Oxford UK

- I was in McDaids last week for a lunchtime pint of the black stuff. Gavin pulls the best pint. The pub is just part of Dublin history and the chat was majic. Wish I could be there on a Rugby weekend.
Submitted by Mike, Washington DC

- Harry St is lovely place for a beer with Bruxelles across the road. My gran drank in McDaids just after the dinosaurs disappeared many years ago. You can fell the history.
Submitted by Ciaran, SW London

- A Dublin tradition. Quite a small bar so be prepared to get jostled if it's busy. Never a problem getting served even when it's busy and it's a great pint. Has one of the worst toilets in Dublin though!
Submitted by John Murphy, Edinburgh

- I had read about McDaids some time ago in a guide book and from the description I decided that it would be worth a visit the next time I was in Dublin. When I went there it turned out to be a big disappointment. The place was jam packed full of people and it didn't look to be my sort of pub at all so I didn't even go in. However I went back when things were a bit quieter, had a few drinks and I really liked it. It is a genuine Dublin pub that is unspoilt and it has a nice, relaxed atmosphere. The people are friendly, the Guinness is good and the bar staff are amongst the best that I have ever encountered. A visit to Dublin now wouldn't be complete without a visit to McDaids.
Submitted JK Warwick, England

- This a real pub, not a recently built 'Oirish' pub and is certainly an old style and thankfully, old fashioned Dublin pub. Tourists usually stop by for one or two. Good place to meet friends and enjoy a few decent pints. Can get a bit packed especially in summer but that certainly adds to it. Though touristy, it can still attract discerning locals.
Review courtesy of dublinpubs.net

- McDaids is worth a look, although it is frequently packed with people. It still retains character though, although it can get very smoky. It's on Harry Street, just off Grafton Street,
Review courtesy of hidden-dublin.com

- A friend had told me this is were I would find the nicest pint in dublin which ive heard many times before, but i have to say it was the nicest one ive ever had!,Lovely pub, nice cutomers and the barstaff were very friendly.
Submitted by Anthony, Blanchardstown

- Full of nic nacks and curios, but well worth a visit because of the pleasant atmosphere. And a break from shopping, Dublin pub of the year 2003. Have a good look round at all the bits and bobs scattered around the pub. Sit and read the paper while your partner shops. Guinness is four Euros ten, but a cracking pint all the same. And just across the road is Bruxelles, not bad either.
Submitted by Dave Marshall, Leicester, England