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The Gingerman

The Gingerman

The Gingerman
40 Fenian Street
Dublin 2

Ph: 01-6766388

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Casual Pub.
The Gingerman is located on Fenian Street behind the Davenport Hotel and is a sister pub of Oliver St John Gogartys. The atmosphere is generally relaxed as the patrons are a mix of students and workers. It is open the regular pub hours daily. The pints are normal for the city centre but the price does increase after 11.00pm. As the pub can get packed and space is at a premium, service can be a bit slow but the friendly barstaff make up for this. On summer days, it offers the option of enjoying your drink in the sun, but as there is limited seating you may not get a seat. Heaters have recently been installed at the tables, presumably for smokers and although it's nice to have the option it's debatable whether you would want to spend the night there especially if you're trying to convince your non-smoking friends.

Public Reviews:
- This is a great little pub. It looks like a traditional Irish pub inside, but it has a couple of touches you wouldn't expect. Food, for instance and craft beer on tap. They have a lager, a red ale and a wheat beer, available in glasses, pints and 4 pint pitchers. All quality Irish craft beers with full flavour.
Submitted by Sean, Dublin

- My girlfriend and I and another friend were staying at the Davenport on business for the week. The Gingerman quickly became our home away from home. Brian and the rest of the staff made us feel like locals. The food is fantastic, the beer delicious, and the music perfect. I highly recommend this pub. I will definitely be back soon.
Submitted by Matt, Virginia Beach

- I had two reasons for visiting The Gingerman. Firstly I had come across it on this site and it sounded interesting and secondly it was in a part of Dublin that I was not familiar with so walking there would improve my knowledge of Dublin's geography. The pub is small with fairly low ceilings and subdued lighting and it has something of an artificial feel about it but for some resaon I felt relaxed and comfortable in it. The bar staff were very friendly and made time for us and also served a decent pint. As it is away from the Centre I do not imagine that it is frequented by tourists but by locals, mainly students and business people I would say. At the weekends it is open until 2.30 am so after 11.00 pm the drink prices go up by about 40 cents which sounds reasonable to me. It is a pub that I would recommend and a pub that I would cetainly go back to if I was in the area.
Submitted by John, Warwick

- A pub that you might not stumble across so it would be worth your while finding it. You will find a lively pub with various clientele from locals, office workers, staff from the nearby hotels and students. Good pint of Guinness and the food is cheap and cheerful.
Submitted by John, Edinburgh