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College Street
Dublin 2

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Casual with Music.
Doyles on College Street may look small from the outside but is rather big when you step in. Has two lounge areas, one upstairs one down. Both are very spacious and have ample seating. The bar staff are friendly and generlly quick on the taps. Pints are reasonably priced. This is a somewhat popular pub with a genuine relaxed atmosphere, in which to chat and down a couple of pints.

Public Reviews:
- This pub has one really great thing going for it, the guy who DJ's upstairs on a saturday, top eclectic mix of everything bar the kitchen sink. Apart from that, the smithwicks has tasted like engine oil more than once and the staff ain't that quick serving.
Submitted by Darragh, Chapelizod

- I can never really decide about this place. I think it's one of those places where you need to be in the mood for it when going there. Not a place to pick up guys, although there can occassionaly be one or two good men!!! Average prices with drinks, and all of the staff and bouncers are friendly. Good mix of music from the DJ, and great location. Don't go there however if you want somewhere to dance to the latest music, and enjoy the atmosphere - this place is a dingy old pub at heart!!!
Submitted by Amy, Clontarf

- Fantastic place! Bouncers are lovely and v friendly! Good beer and awesome craic from staff and locals! Can't wait to go back for more Oirish boys!
Submitted by Kathryn, Glasgow

- A good, unpretentious drinking den, always busy but you can always find a seat! Weekends it stays open till 2.30 am and has great music upstairs. Always a good bet with a sensible door policy and friendly staff.
Submitted by Derek, Finglas

- Doyles was recommended to us by a local and did not disappoint. The atmosphere was relaxed and the staff were friendly, chatty and a good laugh. I was impressed to be offered a selection of red wines rather than just given the house choice. Definitely a pub I will revisit.
Submitted by Elaine MacGregor, Aberdeen

- A good pub Doyles. It plays good music, serves good beer and stays open late. What's more, it's right beside the nitelink. What more do you want.
Submitted by Charly, Dublin