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So you wake up with a thumper of a headache and nothing to do, check out the list below to see if anything will get you up and going the morning after.

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If you're looking for a tour in Dublin, Ireland or anywhere in the world, you need look no further.
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Musical Pub Crawl
Listen to traditional Irish music being played by a traditional Irish musician while being brought from pub to pub to pub to pub......
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Historical Walking Tours of Dublin
Check out the sites of the city in this unique walking tour through the most famous sites of Dublin's history throughout the ages.
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Viking Splash Tours
A land and water adventure that should clear your head and thrill you as it moves around.
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Discover Dublin
A gentle bus ride through the centre of Dublin showcasing all the major sights. You can jump on and off at leisure. Ideal way to see the city.
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Wild Coach Tours
Get out to the country side for fresh air and warm welcomes.
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James Joyce Center
Check out everything there is to know about Joyce which may leave you with a bigger headache than you went in with. (Have you ever tried reading Ulysses.
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Old Jameson Distillery
After a night on the batter, where better to go than a distillery to see how it's all made. Includes complimentary curer at the end! Click here for further details.

Guinness Storehouse
Perhaps the last place you'd want to be the morning after a night in Dublin cos no doubt you'll be nursing your hangover and cursing stout. But if you see how it's all made, perhaps next time you'll have a better understanding as to why 8 pints of stout is not really the healthy alternative.
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Literary Pub Crawl
Get yourself an education of Dublin's Literary Brigade and check out where they used to hang out.
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