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Stag and Hen Nights
Since dublinpubscene.com one of the most common email requests we have received is from Stag and Hen parties wondering where to go and indeed what to do on their 'weekends' here in Dublin. After many replies which were hopefully helpful, we've decided to dedicate a section on the site to the 'last night of freedom' with recommendations on where to go and ofcourse what to with links to other sections we fell worthy.

We'd also value your ideas, thoughts and opinions if you have nay, and if they're good enough - we know they will be we shall put them up here.

Last Night of Freedom Last Night of Freedom
If you don't fancy arranging your own Dublin stag weekend we recommend that you contact www.lastnightoffreedom.co.uk. Prices start at 149 for accommodation and night-club. Plus there's a full range of activities too. (Plus, they also do Dublin hen nights.)
Step 1 - Somewhere to Stay
So you've decided to come and spend your last night of freedom in Dublin, well we'd definitely recommend staying in the City Centre - the applicable postcodes are Dublin 1, Dublin 2 as well Dublin 4 and Dublin 8 which are nearby.
To help with this obstacle, please feel free to check our online booking service where you can find both Hotels and Hostels to suit any budget
Find me a Room

Step 2 - We're Here, Let's Go for a Quick Pint
Right, you've got the accommodation, checked in and fancy a quick stroll around before the main night out. The best thing to do is drop into a pub in the surrounding area, you don't want to stray too far from base just yet.
As we've recommended Dublin 1, 2, 4 and 8, use this Search Engine below to find pubs in the area.

To search our full database, click here

Step 3 - Time to Party
Before you come over check out our Gig Guide which is posted every Thursday and features the best live Music Guide for the 'Week' which includes links to the Pubs and Venues, with reviews, maps etc
Find me Live Music

Alternatively you may want to go Clubbing in which case our Party On Section can help you
I'm In The Mood For Dancing

Step 4 - Rules and Stuff
Some Pubs generally frown on Stag Parties so best to head in in small separate groups however in saying this, the big super pubs generally don't have any problems unless ofcourse you had a bit too much in 'Step 2'

We have been in Pubs, Clubs and Bars all over Dublin were dressing up has been permitted but you may want to ring beforehand to check door policy.

It's all basically the same as everywhere else, a bit of respect goes a long way.

Step 5 - Some DPS Tips
(i) Rather obvious but know where you're staying and write it down and put in your wallet, there was a case once where 4 people forgot where they were staying (strayed too far from base on Step 2).

(ii) If you're having a pub crawl, stagger the entry into venues, three groups of four has a much better chance of getting in than a gang of 12.

(iii) Pool your money together, get a 'pot' 20 euro each will go a long way and have a designated drink buyer, raffle it off but trust us this works a charm and you will be amazed by how much money you can save yourself.
If the pot goes dry, simply refill

(iv) Most Dubliners are easy going and relaxed and would be more than willing to take part in any games or pranks to be played on the Stag or the Hen once they're not too bad.

(v) Leave the pranks outside the pub, could lead to trouble inside.

Step 6 - Have Fun
And if you do wake up the next morning with a thumping head, it might help to have printed off a copy of our Curers
Oh my aching head

If you have any other questions, just mail us at info@dublinpubscene.com